This is How you Fill in Your Tax Return Yourself

It’s that time again: since 2 May you can submit the tax return. Many Belgians find it a ‘tedious job’ that they like to postpone until the last minute, although it is no longer difficult to submit your own declaration. We are happy to help you on your way.

According to annual practice, it is again time to complete the personal income tax return. Either you do that online via Tax-on-web (the most popular method), or you get a paper declaration that you send back in the famous brown envelope. Tax-on-web has been ready for use since 2 May and paper declarations will be sent from 7 to 24 May 2019. Every taxpayer who used Tax-on-web last year will no longer receive a letter. You will only receive this if you explicitly request it by calling the FPS Finance contact center.

The declaration consists of two parts. Every taxpayer must complete the first part. The second part is reserved for managers, self-employed persons and persons who have received income from capital, movable property and / or various income.

Proposal for a simplified declaration

It is very useful for the government to enter the data in advance for Belgians with a stable tax situation. This happens if you receive a wage, pension or benefit and you also have no other income to declare. 3.2 million (or approximately 42 percent) taxpayers will receive such a proposal this year and this is now done digitally as standard. When you log in to Tax-on-web you only have to check if all the details in this so-called simplified tax return proposal are correct.

Collect the necessary documents

Are you ready to complete the declaration? Good preparation is half the job. You need your identity card and bank account number (if you are one of the lucky ones to be reimbursed). Collect all documents that relate to the income and expenditure of 2018. Consider, among other things:

  • all information about your income (from labor, real estate, pension, financial results for traders and the professions, alimony, cadastral income, etc.)
  • professional costs (including social security contributions for the self-employed)
  • tax certificates for home loan and related life insurance
  • deposits for retirement or long-term savings
  • childcare costs
  • certificates for PWA or service checks
  • certificates for tax-deductible gifts
  • overview of prepayments
  • invoices for expenses to improve the energy performance, fire safety or theft prevention of your home
  • accounts abroad

Calculate in advance

If you have collected the entire paper shop, do not immediately start with the final declaration. First enter the preparation . You can freely make notes (and mistakes …) on this. Save this preparation, as it may come in handy later (for example in the tax return for next year or when the tax office requests further explanation). The FPS Finance has also developed an online tool with which you can estimate – completely anonymously – how much the tax will amount to: Tax-Calc . This is a user-friendly application that appears to be fairly accurate in practice. This way you already have a good view of what you can expect.

Deadlines 2019

Ready with the preparation? Then you can fill in everything on paper or via Tax-on-web, which is nowadays integrated into Myfinance . Save yourself stress and avoid fines for late declaration. The deadline for the paper declaration is Friday 28 June 2019. If you submit the declaration online, you must have done so no later than Thursday 11 July 2019. Keep in mind that Tax-on-web is visited a lot during the last days and sometimes dares to show cures. The FPS Finance expects it to be busy from July 5 and very busy from July 9.