Create an International Offshore Company

CSI, creation offshore company international company specializing in the creation of offshore companies has recently expanded its services by creating companies in Ras Al Khaimah (also called RAK) the fourth state in the UAE. This extension provides entrepreneurs with business image and privacy benefits as well as access to a comprehensive tax-free benefits system.

“RAK is one of only two offshore jurisdictions in the entire United Arab Emirates. The opening of our services to the area is part of our company, a broad strategy of development and growth.

For our clients, it’s about having a great corporate image in a tax-free system. We also offer a free consultation, because every person or company has its own needs and needs to know all the benefits of starting a business in the UAE , ” CSI Services.

No travel needed to create Hong Kong company

There is no need to travel to the UAE to set up an offshore RAK company. It takes 3 to 5 working days to register a new company upon receipt of the documents required for the procedure.

One of the biggest advantages offered by CSI Services is that the legal address of the future company will not be at RAK but in Dubai, thus offering an excellent image for the new structure. 

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Absolute confidentiality

Since the United Arab Emirates is not a member of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), information about a company or a bank account in the United Arab Emirates can not be sent to another country simply request.

This system of financial confidentiality is due to Ras Al Khaimah Investment Authority (RAKIA). According to RAKIA, which has put in place local regulations, an offshore company RAK can do business internationally, own real estate in the United Arab Emirates as well as multi-currency bank accounts.

In other words, RAKIA certifies offshore companies and is an organization wholly owned by the RAK government (unlike other offshore areas where private companies manage offshore companies), which means stability. absolute confidentiality and protection of property and information. Security is a very serious issue for RAKIA, which refuses to recognize any requests for external party information.

Combining the benefits of a free zone and a business center

CSI Services offers its customers the possibility to open a bank account in addition to the creation of an offshore company. The bank account can be opened outside the United Arab Emirates with a secure remote procedure or in Dubai by going on site at least one day to open the account. All deposits in the United Arab Emirates are 100% guaranteed by the Puck bank.

The financial benefits are effective from the setting up of an offshore company RAK: exemption from all local taxes, 100% of the available capital (which can be any quantity divided into any denomination), no taxes on profits, no taxes on the added value …

In addition, offshore companies RAK are not subject to an accounting control obligation or financial audits. No authority in the United Arab Emirates may require the keeping of records or an annual report.

The offshore solution RAK also has the advantage of great flexibility in terms of the social structure. Only one director and one shareholder are needed (who can be the same person). This information remains strictly confidential as there is no public register of companies.

With regard to the headquarters, an offshore company RAK does not need to have physical offices UAE.